Air Canada Schedule Changes

Air Canada has informed Saint John Airport that there will be temporary schedule changes coming for the next two months to their service to Toronto. As a result, for September and October, they will operate 1x daily Rouge 319 (136 seats) as opposed to the planned 2 flights per day on the CRJ9 (78 seats). The primary driver for the changes is a national shortage of regional pilots and is one of numerous adjustments they are making across their North American schedule.

This has caused many residents to reach out to YSJ, our Member of Parliament, and our local Chamber of Commerce to see what they can do to make the airline understand the impact on business and our local economy.

We want to share your concerns and or ideas on airline availability with not only Air Canada but the staff and the board at YSJ. This will help guide us in ensuring available and reliable air travel in Greater Saint John. Please send them along to: