Strategic Vision

Our Vision

Saint John Airport will operate safely, efficiently, and in a financially self-sufficient manner. The facilities will always be up-to-date and matched to the needs of our communities. Saint John Airport will be an active participant in the social and economic fabric of southwestern New Brunswick. Our primary focus is to support the business and recreational objectives of residents and visitors to our region.


Mission Statement

To operate a safe, efficient, and competitive first-class airport that meets the air transportation needs of our communities, the traveling public, and our aviation clients.

Public Statement

Saint John Airport is required by the terms of its lease agreement with Transport Canada to agree that the development of the Airport be in harmony with the overall planning of the municipality in which the Airport is located. Therefore, Saint John Airport Inc. hereby states:

1. That all construction, development, and use of land, building, and structures at the Saint John Airport will be consistent with all the approved land use plans for the City of Saint John.

2. That all construction at the Saint John Airport will be done in accordance with the provisions of provincial and municipal construction and other codes, regulations, and by-laws designed to secure the health, safety, convenience, and welfare of the inhabitants or occupiers of Airport buildings and structures.

Our Key Goals

  • To develop and maintain effective air service connections that meet the needs of our communities and the traveling public and our aviation customers.
  • To provide facilities and services that exceed the expectations of the traveling public and our aviation customers.
  • To meet or exceed all aerodrome operation standards and guidelines set by Transport Canada to ensure the safest possible airport.
  • To maintain an effective, productive, and motivated staff.
  • To operate a fiscally responsible and financially self-sustaining airport.