Doing Business at YSJ

Air Cargo Services

The Saint John Airport is situated in a strategic location at the heart of the Trans-canada Corridor making it a logical cargo transportation and distribution center.

  • Located within 18km of the Saint John downtown core and the Port of Saint John;
  • Free Trade Zone (FTZ) designation means less paperwork and fewer tax and tariff burdens for businesses;
  • No curfew. We’re open for business 24 hours per day, every day;
  • YSJ is safe, secure, and efficient airport resulting in overall operational cost savings and maximum efficiencies and turnaround;
  • Two runways;
  • Two major Canada/USA border crossing points within 3 hours by road;
  • Close to every major consumer market in the Maritimes;
  • Land available for on-airport development;
  • Near the Trans-Canada highway.

Air Canada Cargo

At this time, Air Canada Cargo is open for Import Only, daily from 2:30pm to 9:30pm.

Air Canada Cargo can meet all you cargo shipment needs simply and efficiently. They offer various shipping solutions for your special cargo to bes protest the shipment’s integrity and comply with regulatory requirements.

AC Animals is Air Canada Cargo’s designated shipping solution for the special care and handling for the shipment of animals, pets and live cargo.

Contact Air Canada Cargo for rate quotes or to book.
Tel: 506-632-1526
Toll Free: 1-800-387-4865



There are many advertising opportunities at the Saint John Airport both insides and outside the terminal building. To learn more, please contact:

Dunne Group
PO Box 1531
Charlottetown PEI
C1A 7N3
Tel: 902-892-1115

For Pilots

Atlantic Flight Centre
A fixed base operator. The Saint John Flying Club is based out of the Atlantic Flight Centre.
Tel: 506-634-5565

Canada Customs and Immigration - Saint John Office
Tel: 506-636-3517
After Hours: 506-333-3558

Aircraft Fueling (ASIG - Menzies Aviation)
Tel: 506-696-2340

Aviation Fees

The Saint John Airport Authority Tariff Schedule 2023.

Tariff Schedule 2024 Effective February 1, 2024

Drone Safety

Rules and Regulations on Drone Safety in Canada (DOCUMENT REQUIRED).

Ground Handling

Air Canada Ground Handling Services
Tel: 902-873-2350

Menzies Aviation
Ground Handling Services for Flair Airlines and Sunwing Airlines.