Lost Luggage

Lost or delayed luggage? If you’ve lost your luggage please contact your airline directly. The airline will ask you for your contact information and a description of your luggage. Make sure you have your luggage tracking number and flight number.

Air Canada



Baggage Restrictions

Wondering what you can ring on the plan with you? How many carry-ons or checked bags? Each airline has its own carrier guidelines, so visit their website or call and find- out before you fly.

Air Canada



Want to breeze through security? The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) website has useful advice and packing tips for families, seniors, and passengers with special needs.

Useful Links & Resources

YSJ Administration Office
Tel: 506-638-5555

YSJ Security
Tel: 506-638-5557

Lost & Found Items at YSJ
Tel: 506-638-5557

Connections Bistro & Bar
Tel: 506-696-4937

YSJ Market
Tel: 506-333-2203

Atlantic Flight Centre
Tel: 506-634-5565

Air Canada Cargo
Tel: 506-632-1526
Toll Free: 1-800-387-4865
Shipping Solutions for pets and other cargo that require special care and handling.

Drone Safety | Know before you go! To learn the current rules about flying your drone safely and legally, visit Canada.ca/drone-safety.


The Saint John Airport is committed to delivering friendly, helpful service and convenience that exceeds our passenger’s expectations. So if you’re not 100% delighted with the services or amenities at the Saint John Airport terminal, we definitely want to hear about it.

So who should you contact? It depends on the nature of your complaint.

Please contact the Saint John Airport when you have a complaint involving an unsatisfactory experience inside the airport terminal. Call our administration office at 506-638-5555 or email fly@ysjsaintjohn.ca. If you want to report a safety or security concern, please call the YSJ security at 506-638-5557 or fill out our online form.

Please contact The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) when you have a complaint involving the passenger security and baggage screening process. Call 1-888-294-2202 (toll free) if you have a question that requires an immediate response. Otherwise, report the incident using their online form; your information must be received by CATSA within thirty (30) days after the incident has occurred.

Please contact your Airline when you have a complaint involving: a canceled flight, an unusually long delay, an overbooked flight, lost luggage, or an unsatisfactory experience on the airplane or with airline staff.

Click for contact information for Air Canada, Flair, and Sunwing. Unfortunately, the Saint John Airport staff can only connect you to the Airline Call Centre; we cannot put your call directly through the airline counter inside the airport.

Still unhappy? If you’ve made a formal complaint to the airline and you’re unsatisfied with their response you can take your complaint to The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA).

Canadian Transportation Agency
Tel: 1-888-222-2592
TTY: 1-800-669-5575
Email: info@otc-cta.gc.ca